Going somewhere…

Title says it all. I want be able to post anything today. (Other than this post) But here’s a sneak peak of something I started making a long time ago that I never finished (which I am going to now):

You can obviously see what it is.

By sfzakster

Running Out Of Ideas For Some Finger Puppets, Again!

Man, the same things happening! I can’t think of anyone else to fold. Please leave some ideas in the comments below and I’ll try to fold it.

By sfzakster

Luke Skyfolder!!!!!

He got a little wreck outside and I had almost lost him! Lucky my friend found him outside and give him back. Phew!

By sfzakster

If you’re reading this then you are STOOKY!!!!!!

Hello to anyone who is reading this. This place is probably deserted because I haven’t been able to post anything for 5 months!!!!!! Seriously, FIVE ENTIRE MONTHS!?!?!?!?! That’s crazy! Anyway, enough about that. If you were here on this website about when I had just started that I had made a YouTube channel. Well, that channel I don’t use anymore. I have made a YouTube channel called sfzakster!!!!! The things I’ll be posting on there are how to fold stuff, other total rockets origami Star Wars YouTube channels, and some monsterly bolt origami Star Wars finger puppets!!!!!! You can check it out at: https://m.youtube.com/results?search_query=sfzakster+

To celebrate, I made an origami Zett Jukassa!!!!

If you don’t know who he is, he is that kid in Star Wars Episode 3 that jumps out to kill the blue evil clone troopers, and he kills 2 of them (I think) and then one of the evil blue clone troopers shoots him…😥 P.S. He is one quarter sheet of paper with no cuts.

Anyway, if you want to, you can reblog this, but I’m not forcing you to. Bye!

By sfzakster