Mace Windu!!!!!

I made this on the way to Vancouver!!!!
It’s my best piece of origami yet and I’m going to give it to Tom:


By sfzakster

Foldy-Wan With A Jedi Robe!!!!

Here’s my Foldy-Wan I made last night. The robe is the same fold as Pickletine!!!

As you can see I also made a lightsaber for him that slips right in his hand.

And today I get to meet Tom Angleberger in Vancouver with Captain_Origami and our other friend!!!!

By sfzakster

I’m going to meet Tom Angleberger!!!!!!!!

In a week from Sunday, me and Captain_Origami are going out to Vancouver to meet Tom Angleberger!!!!! I can’t wait to go meet the author of the my favourite books in the world. And it’s a week away! Hopefully you guys will get to meet him at one of the places he’s going to. Here’s the link for the events: talk to you guys soon!

By sfzakster


Here’s a picture of me, (Zakster911) Enderman_Zod, SF_Foldawan, sfmega3, SF_OY217, Captain_Origami, and 3 of my friends!!!!

By sfzakster

School!!!!! Yay?

Yep. I’ve started school so I will not be able to post as much origami as usual. But I’ll hopefully have something for tomorrow.

By sfzakster